Update from Frank in Tokyo


So here I am back in the sprawling metropolitan madness that is Tokyo. Popped back for a few meetings, sophnet/UE exhibition, and some events. There’s like a million things going on this weekend because Monday is a public holiday and I think I’ve quadruple booked myself for Saturday so I’m busy trying to figure out how to clone myself or create a body double so I can go and see everybody/everything.

I figured taking photos of every ‘pist’ bike I see here is overdone to death, everybody knows that the scene here is absolutely monstrous and I probably don’t even have enough memory space on my SD card to take a photo of every bike I see anyways, so I’ll just take flicks of the bikes I’ve found interesting, weird or general cool shit. Rear trispokes, I think you’re onto a winner there Ivan! That bike’s been parked out there for two days now outside a club close to the hotel. Hope he remembered he left it there after a night out on the booze.

Passed on the SR goods to the boys at Fragment Design, OriginalFake, W-Base, and Carnival. The boys were stoked, check it out. Here’s Ogu from OF, Moto and Yohei from W-Base, and I gave one to Tommy Yayo T19 up at Carnival because Akachi was busy doing a wheelie tutorial outside on the street and Tommy’s a funny sonnuvabastid, but he was busy learning english, so we gave him a few pointers for a bit of NZ flavour (check the pic). Good times. H+Son rims are also starting to get pretty popular here due to the Mash Cinelli bike, so pretty stoked I ordered mine before the mad hype rush. They’re going for about Y12,000 here a piece, so about $190 each due to the blow-ass exchange rate thanks to the crumbling US credit market and the global economic clusterfuck. I considered racking these gold Campy record cranks at Carnival tho, but Tommy would’ve probably beat me to death since Carnival is like the size of our changing room area in qubic. Damn.

Well, the big Nike Sportswear Launch & store opening event is on tonight, have been invited by Fragment so we’re going to check it out. Apparently they built a building just for the night, talk about overkill. They wanted to out-do the NYC opening, which had a full marching band and shit. And… I’ve just realised I didn’t bring any Nike shoes. Shit.

Oh, and white Randos are all completely sold out in every store I’ve been to, sorry fellahs. The guys said some taiwanese crew came in and bought them all up. Like, ALL of them – dozens and dozens. So, uh, you might see them on ebay soon? haha.

Justin – due to the exchange rate there is nothing cheap here. I mean, seriously, wtf. I had a $20 corona last night in some crummy pub after dinner. Even Mexican piss water costs a fortune atm. I’ll bring you back a bottle cap or something. Which will probably cost me $5.


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