I just got back from Wellington. Gorgeous day down there, caught up briefly with Caleb from Spoke mag, we are doing a poster insert for a local MTB freerider Kelly McGarry from a Red Bull event called Rampage, looks sick. We were pretty busy with events but stuck our heads in a bike store, sounds like Welly is getting more fixed which is good. Lots of Masi’s in store. 

I got a text today from a friend in London. Eight of them were out for a ride and locked up their bikes outside a pub and got a round of drinks in. Less than 30 minutes and their bikes got stripped. Most of them just the frames and cranks were left. Last I heard they were all walking home with frames on their shoulders. Depressing, I said that the wheels would turn up and would be recognizable for sure – the scene can’t be that big. But apparently the people who stole the gear are the types you can’t seek retribution or do anything about. LAME. 

Positive note- it’s looking like this rain will clear for tomorrow and we can go for a ride. Will be on the texts to see what crew are up to after lunch.

I’m going to buy a better lock.


One Response to “Ripped”

  1. brokenink Says:

    Yeah man, lets fuckin’ ride and do it proper

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