Don’t let that serious forlorn look fool you. This is Jon Forder and he’s not only one of the funniest dudes you’ll meet, he also cuts a quick line on a track bike. He’s had this KHS Aero Track for a couple of years now. I convinced him to take it off his windtrainer and take it back to the streets. I’m pretty sure Terry “Deathtrap” Clines put this buid together for Jon. I could tell by the lack of toe clips (always a dead giveaway on Terry’s bikes). So with a few slight mods and the addition of cages and straps- Jon was skidding all over the place.

Mike Lawrence is back from a trip up north. It’s been WEEKS since I got to ride with him and hang out. SO I’m pretty stoked he’s coming out on tomorrows TFT ride. We are also going for a quick rip around tonight. Can’t wait> Only got a little ride in yesterday. Mike rulz.


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