Some shots from TFT last night. Nice mellow spin around tank farm and Westhaven. Good to get it in – pretty drizzly for the rest of the week I think. Justin is having a good time in NYC and is going to Trackstar to make some purchases. He went yesterday but it was closed. I just got a call from him just now. He says it’s freezing. He also says most store vendors he has encountered are less than smiling happy people. I guess for stores like Supreme it’s a given that your sales staff will not even look you in the eye or talk as they take your money from you. Sounds like the Trackstar dudes have a bit of newyork-itis too. Justin dropped a pretty handsome amount of pacific-peso’s on a new HED trispoke there and couldn’t get a box to put it in to get it back to our fine shores.

Jeffrey and Amy are in San Francisco. Jeff said he saw Andy from MASH and had a photo taken with him. He also looked out his hotel window to see Gabe Morford MASHING past. I can’t wait to see some photo updates from these guys. I binned off my bike on Monday doing hops up a long mellow bank. I ripped up my pants and knee and managed to take my bars in the ribs – sure is a bit tender today.


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