CHCH Denton domination


OK this has gone up slower than I wanted but I have only really come right after Craigs stag do on the weekend – I think we will leave those pics and stories to another sort of blog eh. Well speaking of riding dirty, last Thursday the Crimeschurch crew cut down some K’s, Rowan an I rocked out to checkout a Crit race the guys from Colnago are organizing for every Thursday out at the A&P show grounds – Basically the main dude hated our guts and wouldn’t let us race even in D grade unless we had brakes, the other riders were more interested in seeing if we could even ride for 30mins at a good pace… we ended up talking to a 65+ guy (who track standed the whole time we chatted) about Denton park velodrome and he reckoned they would start up a new division for straight bars – they are that keen to get people on the track. It so happened that Denton was our backup plan for the evening so with after a quick holla to the rest of the fullas, who were at the bar, we ventured out to all high5 at the velodrome in Hornby.
A tail wind on the wayout, few VBs and the setting sun – SICK night out. Mixing McD’s, B’s, and sprints is an unhealthy cocktail, still surprised no-one vomited!
On the roll back to town the numbers peeled off and a few of us decided to ride around Harveys for another hour odd and finish the beers off.
I think we will be making a habit of hitting up Denton, just skipping the McD’s…..

more picks right hereeee…..
and some others from tim here plus abit of vid action…


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