White Vittoria Randonneurs!


Firstly : Lets ride Tank Farm Tuesday tonight! Jeff, Mike Lawrence and Justin are all back in the country and keen to ride so I’m stoked to be getting the O.G. crew back together. Vodafone Building Halsey St between 6 and 6:30.

Secondly: I got an email from Adam at Bike 75 saying he landed his order of white Randy’s!! The history of this white run of Randonnuers is quite cool; they did a limited single run for Japan and a store in LA got hold of some. They sold out immediately and they are not making any more. Adam used to be the Vittoria rep and worked his contacts and grabbed 40 tyres ready for you to skid through to your hearts content. Bike 75 is where Biciclette used to be at 76 Sales Street behind Victoria Park. Get in and swoop some while you can! Or call Adam and ask him to put one aside for you: 09 966 0494 or email him: adam@bike75.co.nz



Adam has a rad track bike commuter rig, it’s a custom ordered Landshark from the US. Campy record and Chris King sealing the deal on a nice build:






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