Goodbye to Frank’s Condor frame and HED Trispoke




Luckily Frank wasn’t hurt in this little crash. We were all ripping down Rosegarden hill in Parnell on Tuesdays ride, Justin and Frank were at the back of the pack. Frank was drafting a little close and silently behind Justin and when Justin speedchecked it closed Frank out on the inside. So to avoid a parked car Frank rode into the curb and scorpioned. Being a fully trained Ninja Frank disengaged from his pedals and managed to roll out of it unscathed. The trispoke took all the impact directly on one spoke so the energy transferred right up and crushed his frame like a toilet roll tube as you can see…..whew. I heard a yell and turned around and came back to take these shots. The trispoke is mooshed too.



You can see from the skid lines how close to each other they were.


Luckily Frank has his new Brooklyn Machine Works frame at the painters and might even have it ready for the weekend. Frank got a couplme of H+Son rims too – and bilt them onto some Level Hubs. Tight setup. But …. did you see the H+Son rim on Prolly’s blog? Lets hope this isn’t a common occurence:


Frank is already joking about grenade bikes.


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