Red Bull Tires of Fire!



THIS SUNDAY! The skid contest of the year! Easy rules – longest (continuous / unbroken) skid wins. Track bikes, fixie conversions, single speeds, BMX’s cruisers – ANY bike as long as it’s got no gears. But beware- the BMXicans are good at this. Justin Sweeney held the first Tires of Fire almost 2 years ago and the BMXers were getting over 100m on 20″ bikes! The road is pretty flat with only a slight decline. Everyone gets the same run up to the skid start line and it’s measured in 5m increments down the road. Replacement tires as spot prizes and the grand winner will win a years supply of Red Bull.

The resplendent Jay Reeve from MTV will be manning the mic as MC when he is not skidding his track bike himself.

We will play the semis and finals as we go. But come at 12pm to register and get your spoke card and get warmed up to set fire to some tires. 

It’s in Albany Industrial Estate off William Pickering Drive. The exact location will be posted on Friday with a map on how to get there. I reckon bullhorns, a huge chain ring and some nice slick silicone compound tires like Gatorskins. Hope to see you out there!


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