Red Bull Tires of Fire Location


I’ve got you a google Earth image and a rough set of directions how to get there.


It’s in Albany Industrial Estate, so head North over the Bridge on the motorway and get off at Upper Harbour Drive (next after Tristram Ave) and turn left . Then carry on for about 1km then turn on your first right into Paul Matthews Road. Then at the roundabout hang a left then first right at the next roundabout into William Pickering Drive. Carry on down and turn left at the roundabout into John Glenn Ave and you are there.

When you get there, as you drive up turn around and park your car on the left side of the road (pointing down)- not the right. The distance markers are on the right side and we ned to leave a full lane free for skid zone. Everyone gets the same run up which is around 90m and the course is marked to 115m past the start point. If you go over that – we will mark new points and sing your praises as lord of all that is skid. looking forwarc to this it should be alot of fun! Thanks to Mike Lawrence and Triple Six, and Tim WHite of T. White’s Bikes for the deal on tires. Simon Courtney from Deflux and the head of the Christchurch Chapter did the logo for us. Thanks Si!

Come on down at 12pm on Sunday and register and get one of these nifty spoke cards:




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