New Years Eve


Hi All. Seasons Greetings and I hope you had a great Christmas. I hope that on the big day, anything within arms reach was drunken and eaten before you slipped into a food coma.We had a small contained warm up for our NYE party the other night. It was mainly because I only got one day with my very good friend Chris who was over from Sydney. It was partially also to test the slushie machines I have on extended rental arrangement from Leon the Slushie guy. They are pretty dope industrial granita machines made in Milan. We tested one of the 2 with a mix of 3 litres crisp apple, 3 litres Red Bull, and 2 or maybe 3 litres of vodka (can’t remember). But it all worked out nicely. Much riding of bikes and skateboards in the mancave and driveway ensued. So it should be a cracker party tonight with both machines on the go, the other with an orange mango concoction. We also have a contact with a large stash of fireworks, we all also have small caches of China’s finest cheap over the counter pyrotechnics so hopefully we will see in the New year with a bang. Mike Lawrence has called that at 10 minutes past midnight we are to start the worlds first Wii Mario Kart Championship of 2009. I’m inclined to agree. Santa also kindly delivered me Shaun White’s snowbarding game which is also awesome. 

On the riding front it’s been pretty chill, everyone has been recharging the batteries and hanging out. We did do a TFT ride last night at Tank Farm with a stripped down core crew which was really fun. I will drag the photos off my camera soon but in the meantime here is a snapshot of the mancave transformed for slushie madness:







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