Chipper in CHI Town



I just got back to work after being on holiday for a few weeks – sorry for the lack of updates! We have TFT tomorrow so I’ll grab some shots from that. I’ll start off with a post from Justin who was down in Christchurch seeing Simon Courtney AKA leader of the Chi Town Steady Rollin Chapter:

I went to Chrimeschurch and I called Simon to go get beers. He suggested riding first, he set me up with his sweet Fag ……………gin. We shredded the streets and the park then we went his winter under cover spot even though it was really sunny. Man those Beers tasted good. James from Embassy came for Beers too. Then I went on a Airplane and didn’t feel very good.Thanks Simon!







 I was down in Oamaru – 3 hours drive south of Christchurch. I was there for a wedding on Friday and it was 40 degrees down there and we were wearing suits. Not alot of bike action in the deep south though. Todd is going back to the US in a few weeks. Jeff and I pretty much cleared him out of all his bike stuff. I got his NYC Fixed frameset and some other goodies. So  a new build project is underway.



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