Track (actual velodrome)


Jeff and Justin are on their way out to the track to watch Danger race.

Here are some shots of Justin on his hydridised Bianchi Pista Concept which he temporarily made into the dopest time trial bike in the universe (no it’s not a Bianchi Prius!)




Justin recently got a MASI road bike (with the gears and everything) and has been roadie riding alot with Jeff and Danger, getting fast as hell no doubt. He’s restoring his Concept to a street bike and we are going riding this weekend, I’ve been sitting on my ass more than riding in this heat right now, I even got a stitch riding TFT! Back into it this weekend for a Devonport ride on Sunday and some evening sessions when the sun gets lower.

Danger has been getting fast at the track too – he just ordered a carbon Dolan with Sugino 75’s and it arrives pretty soon – will post some shots of that beast.

There has been alot of hate and anti track bike sentiments floating around. There is even a radio ad on BFM taking the piss out of fixed gear hipster douchebag wankers- I’m asking them to email it to me and I’ll post it on Monday with a bit of a yarn on this current weird anti-climate. I guess it all came about with a few mainstream mags writing stories on the scene. I’ll be pretty stoked when it all dies down. Just fuckin ride I say – any bike who cares? Richard has been calling for a cruiser session around town which would be fun too.



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