Salt City Sprints


Hey all. I just got back from my missions down south. What a ride that was. Just saw Miles Daisher off at the airport. I’ll post some shots from the wilderness human-flying-squirrel jump fest on my Qubic blog on Monday. Pretty stoked to be back and be able to ride a bike again. It’s the weekend and if we have some luck it will be good riding weather and I’m keen to do a bit of a stretch. Lots to fill you in on> especially a week of riding and events in April- will keep you updated. 

Todd Erickson recently went back to Salt Lake City. He had been riding with us over here for ages and was a familiar and fun face on the scene. We really liked hanging out and riding with Todd. He went back to spend some quality time with his family and is already riding up a storm back home. Here is a flyer for the Salt City Sprints he sent in check his exertion! :


On a side note and rant- I went to the doctor to check out a neck issue I have, I have been getting a gnarly headache for a few weeks. He referred me to an osteo but I was traveling and only got to see one in Queenstown yesterday. Looks like a bunch of falls off my bike on my left side in the last few months had a transference up into my neck. I always fall on my left knee or hip – guess it’s because my right is my drive leg and the left takes the grief from being at the top of the cadence. Anyway the osteopath was a MTB lady who was telling me about riding position. And it turns out that riding my KHS Aero track with the Nitto Jaguar stem was not such a good idea for my neck. Riding a steep geo pursuit frame with a deep angle quill stem meant I was constantly riding like I was looking up at 60%. I rode that thing lovingly for years. Now I have my Leader  with mellow angles I’m loving it.I also fell off my skateboard when I was a bit boozed and jared my hip. ANYWAY: I”m going to change out that Jaguar stem with a flat Pearl on the KHS. Danger – if you read this – make your street bike less of a spine destroyer- I know you are young, but that shit is intense: get some riser bars or stop buying 51 frames and putting drops on them. 

And Todd- we miss you. I hope all is fair with the family Erickson.


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