Christchurch Rules!


….where else can you stumble across an old bearly used ’60s outdoor banked ROLLERDROME?

Anton got wind of the ledgend of an old outdoor rollerskating rink that was in the outskirts of crimeschurch, apparently it was used for the world champs of speed skating some 40+ years ago and had banked corners…. to Chris and I it sounded like a bad ass sprint track waiting to be ridden, so on Sunday thats what we did.

A little bit of research and searching on google earth the STEADYROLLERDROME was located, Anton had dad like things to take care of so Chris and I hustled out not quite knowing what to expect. I was half expecting a small circle track potholed to shit, all tagged up sort of peewee land with cattle running around rusting slides and abandoned junglejims, I couldn have been more wrong! We rode right past the grandstanding entry which was slightly shrowded by over grown trees, we double backed and stopped for a snap of the camera thinking it would be worth shooting this thing even as a joke about the 60’s rollerskating graveyard, and the sign was kinda cool.


We still couldn’t see the track, there was this long gravel kinda driveway we walked down then rounded a corner and saw some rusty corrogated iron fence but the  closer we got we could see through an old hammered chain fence this sweet concrete MINIDROME with banked corners, and just long enough straights, and a good sized pad in the middle all in smooth well maintained condition – JACKPOT!


After a quick walk around to see if we could politely enter or find someone ask what the deal was we decided to find our way in to do some track testing. Wow what a cool spot, just short enough to hammer out a good number of laps at pace and the corners were just sketchy enough to make you consider the pace at entry and exit, the berms were bumpy but that was what made it even more fun, you could get a good stride down the straights laying the pedal down out of one of the corners high on the bank felt like it would not let you make a mistake as it dropped rather fast but I love it and will be going back for more.

There is talk of organising a monthly or something, want to talk to the roller people who run the place still so they can open the club rooms up and get the bar going for an evening.

Christchurch rules, little hidden gems like this and the bar we went to after for a cold Carona make me love this city to death!










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