Gabe Morford Vans Syndicate Era’s


Frank and Ivy brought me back a pair of the Gabe Era’s from Sydney. The shots I took of the Vans are crap so I stole these off Hypebeast.


They are made of a combination of Kevlar and Benecke Ceraprene along with a Dri-Lex lining. the Dri-lex is an anti-microbe agent woven fabric. So in theory – it wicks sweat if you want to wear them without socks, and stops nasty foot odour. What a brilliant idea! I’ve been wearing them all day with no socks and they don’t get seaty. There is a new thicker footbed made of the same anti-bac stuff. It’s pretty thickly padded – so I’d suggest checking that you don’t need a half size bigger than you would usually wear in Vans. Mine have compressed over the day but were pretty tight to start out.

Now the coolest thing is that they come with a custom made reinforced canvas gear bag – designed to fasten to your belt when you ride. There is a section for your tube and gas canisters etc as well as a sleeve for a U-Lock:




The uppers feel pretty strong which is good, the last fixed gear Era releases were tough but wore out around the big toe from toe cage abrasion over time. I’m keeping these little gems for Sunday best and just riding in plain Era’s that I know I can replace for half the price.

We all went up to Omaha for the weekend – got bashed around alot in the storm surf, and went wakeskating yesterday. There was a great deal of garage band played – complete with Mike Lawrence as Travis Barker on the drum kit. That is an addictive game when you have a whole band setup.



Fun things to do in a cylone.


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