A bit of CHCH action


It’s crazy at the moment so been real slow putting up updates down so this is a few shots and action of the past few weeks out on the bikes.

Theres been a few new faces and bikes pop up which is sweet and a few new places and trusty old places checked out, and new drinking venues – for me the most important part of the ride!

We rode a headwind out to Denton Park to run some laps, I think more riding over the winter is required!




We showed a few more guys the sweetness that is the minidrome, after riding laps on the real thing at Denton park the mini shined even more as a fun sprint lap track, riding right at the top of the bank just at the fence line edge you can get a good lean in and pop out into the straights…



Last week we rolled out to the beach at Brighton to roll around a notorious skate park, there were a few nice banks to hit but otherwise it was more about the journey than the destination, Anton then lead us into the back streets to show us some guys bike addiction out of control…






If you don’t think you have a problem when you have runout of space in your property so you have to lock up the rest of your stacks of bikes on the street against your fence then your insane!!! Somebody get this guy into a 12 step programme…..

If your in town and this weather moves on then I’ll see you at the Cathedral at 6.30.


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