Deflux kustom #2: build part2


Well there has been so much shit go down over the last few I A) didn’t have time to upload and type B) didn’t want to get in the way of the real news which is this bad ass All track/ eye in the sky action C) been drinking and welding far too much my girl has kicked me out of the home (the drinking and welding is true, I have promised her a kustom bike to stay in the good books for now) D) all of the above… you choose!

For those who are metal nerds or slightly interested in the progress of Deflux kustom #2 here is the lowdown in random shots and vague words:


Measure twice, hold your breath then rough in the first tube – Seat tube to BB mitre.



After it’s built noone will know how clean the mitre to BB is… apart from me. No point in half assing it.


I like to add a touch or remove enough of the lugs to make them mine – kustom.


It might just be a hole or small tweak but it’s something else to add to the final build.


checking the headtube and lug match, not bad just clean the lug and add the silver and flames.


Thats a fit I’m happy with, all hand filed by eye no hole saws etc – I don’t have power or lights in the shed but I do have a nice view…


Setting the dropouts up, to begin with I wasn’t 100% on using these on this build but I think they will workout real well – removable Stainless faces are a cool wee touch.


I like to try something I don’t know the outcome to so figured a sick seat stay bend would look cool… hell yer swoopy as hell!

Deflux kustom track bike 2 in the works

Jig int he carport, abit much siclver on the Headtube/downtube lug – just a bit more cleanup at the end of the day. I’d rather too much than no enough silver in the joins at his stage ya know!


Seat tube lug after a soak and quick sand off to prep for seat stays, sort of missed the process of putting the joins together but the hard thing about taking photos is that the welding gets in the way of holding the camera… how about I twitter everyone for the next build?


Chainstays fluxed up and awainting some silver and heat.


Now things are starting to look like a bike, chainstays in and checking alignment (PS ALOT of checking alignment on the build process- boring photos…)


Checking the mitres for the seatstays and the and the fit and alignment and clearance of the wheel VS. stays then mark then re measure then mark again then chop chop!


I couldn’t decide the best look on the caping and finishing treatment on these so went with something I hadn’t done and should know how to do.


Blogs and Flickr pages are good teachers, half an off cut for a nice curved cap – as a beginner this probably should have been filleted using bronze rather than silver to make it easy when re-heating to brase the stays to the seat lug but I like the chance to fuck it all up this close to the end, makes me focus on doing it right once I guess!


mmmm, nice clean top cap.


Check it all out before I tack it all in place, perfect!


They are in and the sucker is really setting up as a good looking ride.


Just need my cromo and other ish order to show up and I can put in a nice seat bridge and hammer the SWEET fork project out, it could all go bad I don’t know how the fork will go but if it runs the way I want will really set this bitch off.

one last glory shot of the seat tube lug after a soak in the water tank – Clean up is about 95% of building for me at the mo, the better I get the less clean up I do.

Seat Lug and seat stays

I’ve been doing a few more details and finishing bits and started building a fork for Anton so will update in round 3 with more action.

Sorry about this post getting mad long, I’ll add the next few stages in smaller amounts eh.



3 Responses to “Deflux kustom #2: build part2”

  1. jeffroxxx Says:

    awesome dude!! watch out, we’ll all be lining up soon

  2. zombiebmx Says:

    WOAH.. very rad!

  3. prawza Says:

    that thing looks amazing so far!
    good work mate

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