We went out to the velodrome. It’s really long – like 450m long. So we figured the perfect sprint length is 270m. Jeff is the authority on this – I rode it and it feels good. That is well over half the track and allows for a mellow roll out so the next 2 can get set up. There were spray paint markers and I GPS measured it and it’s exactly 270m and we made chalk pen marks as start and finish lines if anyone wants to go out and practice for the sprints on Wednesday night.




This should allow us to get through a stack of races in 2 hours. I’ve got some big tower lights booked so each straight and the bottom transition will be floodlit. Going to fire up the Barbee too. So get training. We are going to get some riding in this weekend – so – might see you out there, it’s going to be great weather in Auckland.


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