I wanted to keep the details about this race on the downlow. But we are posting on the site the basic outline today so I wanted to post it up here too.

Red Bull Eye in the Sky is a race around Auckland City.

Start at 4pm sharp Sunday 12th April.

The course approximately 13km long depending on your route.

Start and finish points are in Britomart carpark.

There will be 5 checkpoints around the city.

You will have to collect a token at each checkpoint.

If you are running a brake you will have to visit a 6th checkpoint (extra 200m approx).

Road rules apply at all times.

Only the last checkpoint has to be visited last.

The rest can be visited in any order.

The checkpoints will be announced here on the website and on the blogs on Friday afternoon at 5pm.

This is so everyone has a day to get used to their routes and out of towners can learn the roads and practice on Saturday.

First over the line wins.

All tokens must be shown to qualify for a position.

Everyone starts at the same time with a run to bike start.

Each riders time will be tracked with a  transponder and uploaded to the website.

Every rider must sign a waiver on registration at 3pm on Sunday and you will get your transponder.

The transponder is tiny and straps around your ankle.

No waiver – no entry.

Wear a helmet.

First prize is a unique one off MASH Campagnolo Super Record wheelset from the MASH and Cinelli Collaboration Bike relased for Interbike in Vegas. It’s got H+Son MASH matte black rims, Sapim Spokes and Vittoria tires. Wheels never ridden and spokes untrued. Mike is bringing these over and there is only 1 set – so stoked to be able to offer up this as first prize.

Prizes through to 5th place to be announced on the day.


Prize Giving and After Party – for riders.

Levy Gallery – 20 Customs Street behind Britomart.

The gallery will be open on Saturday with a display of photos from MASH taken by Mike Martin and Gabe Morford. Also prints from the Auckland scene will be on display. If you are entered online you can go to the gallery on Saturday if you are practicing for the race and get a Red Bull and check out the photos.

And – it’s fixed gear bicycles only – obviously.






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