Visitors and Sprints



The Ghettodrome Sprints went really well last night. Everyone had a good time. Mike and Rainier arrived safe and sound and we’ve been showing them around Auckland. It’s so cool having them here – some good stuff is going down. Rainier’s pedal broke last night in the sprint heats and he came down pretty hard out of the saddle in the first 50m so hit the ground with some force. Thankfully he was just winded and grazed and his jacket needed some duct tape this morning. Ken BEANZ absolutely whipped the field last night. His getup was amazing:




David Tsai was also flying.


This is the MASH NZ Tee. Benny Gold worked with us on it. Super limited and they will be available for purchase tonight at Qubic in Newmarket. There is a white and red print and only a few of these reflective prints. Tonight Mike will be showing a slideshow of the recent MASH Tour of California ride that Rainier rode in. Also Tim White will be opening his popup store inside Qubic.


Mike Lawrence warming up



Mike Martin’s BMC Track Machine is amazing.



Mike just updated the MASH bog and his Arkitip blog with some (much better) photos. If you are in Auckland – I hope to see you tonight! And hopefully at the Freeride session tomorrow night which starts at 7pm



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