Melbourne Roubaix


Allister emailed me with some shots form this race in Aussie. And I was shoc ked to see 2 other familiar faces in the photos that I hadn’t seen in ages – both happily ripping around on track bikes, so stoked to see Jay and Cooper! I’m not sure how Al did in the race but I’m sure he was nailing it.


3 Responses to “Melbourne Roubaix”

  1. xjd3cayx Says:

    Hey Ivan!

    i’ve been meaning to say “word up” for ages! i’ve been keeping a close eye on you guys for a while now. your blog is rockin bro! the eye in the sky looked mad. i was super jealous watching the updates week to week. seems like you’ve got a pretty soild crew around AK.

    next time i’m over (without a band) i’ll def bring my steed. would love to have smash around the city with you guys. tried to hook up a ride with jeff last time, but never pulled it together.

    here’s a link of what i’ve been up to lately.

    say whats up to sweeny for me!



    • steadyrollin Says:

      hey bro! Sick! come over – you can borrow a bike we have plenty between us.
      It’s been fun as shit over here riding. I heard you came off and cracked your helmet in 2 – you ok?

  2. xjd3cayx Says:

    thanks for the offer bro, much appreciated!

    yeah i crashed my brains out at track trainning. was practicing 750m breakaways (nasty by the way) lack of oxygen to my brain on the last bend and decided to go sleepy time!

    i got away lucky though. it could have been worse. i fractured my shoulder and destroyed my helmet. (helmets save lives bro!) but i’m back on the bike after three weeks off. i was going stir crazy, no amount of PS3 could fill the void! haha

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