Want to ride over this in the not too distant future?


Bevan from  is organising a ride / march across Auckland’s Harbour Bridge in protest of Transit’s stance against the cycle lane. lets get some people together to get there. The police will be there and have revoked a promise of a safe escort over the Bridge due to Transit. here is the blurb:

On Sunday, May 24, 2009 the Auckland Harbour Bridge will be 50 years old. But rather than commiserate half a century of denied access, come and show your support for walking and cycling access on the Bridge…

WHAT: A public demonstration of support with Speakers, a coffee stand,and some Red Bull for the ride.

WHEN: 9am, Sunday, May 24, 2009

WHERE: Meet at Point Erin, city side of the Bridge

BRING: A banner saying why you support walking and cycling access on the Bridge

Will we will get to cross the bridge?

The Police have changed

their position and now say we can’t go across, however if enough supporters turn up then we think they’ll allow us safe passage. And more importantly, the more supporters that turn up then the stronger our message and sooner the walk/cycleway will be built!Let’s make this a demonstration of support the Transport Agency can’t ignore!


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