Subrosa Malum arrives!



I’ve posted a bit about this bike, but now it’s finally arrived and getting shipped to stores in NZ this week. Mike Lawrence has been riding his alot since the sample arrived and that thing is STURDY. The production model comes with a 5 arm spider crank rather than the 4 that was on the sample. T-Whites bikes is getting the first 3 in the next couple of days so go see Tim and check it out. Mike tells me it’s going to retail around the $1300 mark which is really (REALLY) good value for this quality ride.

So you too with practice might be able to pull off ‘Mountain-Goats’, or in this case – the ‘Ultimate-Goat’ like Mike Lawrence,  just look at the poise and intensity of glare, that is what makes the ‘Ultimate-Goat’ so Ultimate people, watch and learn!


Slightly off topic, I got an email from Susie Drummond – a freind of mine who is the brand manager from 42 Below and the bike they are making isn’t coming to NZ – just the US now. They wanted to make some changes to it to make it a little safer in NZ (front brake and toe cages etc). But the changes were not possible in the timelines so it’s only going to the US market. They are made in the Giant factory – so you would hope the quality is good. Unfortunately – they have also had to pull out of bringing the Bicycle Film Festival to NZ this year.


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