SAG Double Straps – Review by Jeff Whiteford







As always with Mash, my parcel arrived in quick time, containing a lovely new SAG product. Apparently designed in conjuction with MASHSF and in the works for a number of years, these straps definately “look” the buisness.On first inspection they look great. Laminated, nice leather etc, although the straps look a little thinner(width, not thickness) than my Toshi’s and Kahimax straps. But again, as with everything they do, this was completely thougt out, and this was obviously the idea. The straps fit smoothly and prefectly through my MKS track pedals! No more struggling with pliers etc trying to pull those damn things through. These Straps also fit nicely around the ball at the end of the pedals, so another plus on fit.

The straps also come with there own matching doublizer, which is great. I always double doublize my straps, so this is another plus. Not sure how you are “supposed” to set them up, but im playing around to see how the fit/feel the best. Buckles are great, nice and stiff with a strong spring.

Went for a quick roll, and they feel secure and solid. As good as the other expensive double straps on the market. Now comes to the best bit…. they are cheaper than all the other “top line” double straps out there. Kahimax U.S. $120-160, Toshi U.S. $110, MKS U.S. $110. These Sag ones were U.S. $79 from the MASHSF site, with cheap shipping and fast delivery. Bargain all round

I’m sure they will be amazing to ride, be interesting to see the durability etc. But from the look of them, should be pretty good.

And of course they look cool! Black, White, Neon Green or Neon Pink are you options…… Rad!

Frame– KHS Aero Track

Stem, Bars– Truvativ, Truvativ with Deda quill stem adaptor, Oury grips

Saddle, post– San Marco Regal, Thomson Laid back

Crank, BB– Sugino 75’s, Sugino BB, FSA Track 48t

Chain- KMC Kool

Pedals,clips,straps– MKS, MKS, SAG Doubles

Front Wheel– Specialized Tri Spoke, Vittoria Tubular

Rear Wheel– Blk Level Hub, BLK Deep V, 17T, Rando


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