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San Francisco

August 31, 2009




I just got back to NZ. I had a great 2 days (more like 1 and a half) in SF. Massive thanks to Mike Martin for being such a great host and riding around with me and getting a late pass so we could bar hop. Also so good to see Rainier Schaefer and go for a ride with him and meet the Macaframa riders Jason and Phil. I’ll do some more photo dumps through the week. I also have a copy of Macaframa so I’m looking to do a Premiere Screening for everyone real soon.


August 26, 2009

I’m off to SF tonight. Right now I’m stuck in a boardroom, 12 hours worth.


August 24, 2009












Had a talk to the guys in Bike Attack in Santa Monica – they were building up alot of bikes. there were thousands of people riding around today and a good percentage were on fixed gear or fixed with freewheel builds. It’s amazing what happens to a city when it makes bike paths and designated bike lanes on the roads. People are so used to riding and drivers are used to dealing with them that it’s pretty harmonious. In NZ and Australia drivers adopt the attitude that cyclists are a pest and there to hinder their lane width. Cutting cyclists into the curn with malice is pretty common. Here it’s great. Let’s hope the NZ National Cycle Lane bill goes through.








This is my friend Rene Vaile, he was in town for a Vogue photoshoot, I get to see him once in a blue moon so was great to see him. This the photographer Max taking the bike for a spin.



Look Left

August 23, 2009


I’m staying in Marina Del Rey and have been riding up the beaches checking it all out, rode up past State Beach through Venice and Santa Monica along the tourist addled bike track. Some vacant woman on a beach cruiser decided to rip a blind U turn on a beach cruiser infront of me, I had to bin it into the sand to miss her, all good otherwise. Getting used to riding on the left of the roads. I ran into my mate Rene Vaile out of the blue in Santa Monica yesterday, he’s staying at the hotel I’m checking into today so should make for an interesting Saturday evening here. I’m here with Jon Forder and we are going to ride around today. Not a whole lot of bikes around but when you do see people riding track bikes you get a knowing nod.




Natas curbs!! I promised Chris Id take a shot of them on Santa Monica.








Jon has had a busy week over here.


When in Rome… get a traveller


It’s so good not to be riding in winter.

New Bike Bag Packed and off to S.F.

August 21, 2009





I picked up the new sample for our bike travel bag yesterday. I wanted to make a bag that was as small as possible without having to take your fork off or drive side crank. So it’s 1m x 70cm and fits large frames easily. The bag is double layered nylon with plastic inserts between the layers that are removable for storage. The shoulder strap and steady handle on the side worked out well so you can walk with the bag on your shoulder easily- it’s also less than 4kg.

So I’m packed up and off to LA today for work meetings next week. I’ll see how the baggage handlers in LAX treat the prototyle bag. Then I get a sneaky couple of days in S.F. to ride around. Really looking forward to it!

This clip rules!

August 19, 2009

Graeme S and Graeme M from just sent me this. Hilarious!

CHilly CHristchurch

August 18, 2009

Justin is down hanging with Si in Christchurch getting a chilly ride on.

Christchurch SR 1

Christchurch SR 3

Christchurch SR 10

Christchurch SR 9

Christchurch SR 8

Christchurch SR 11

Christchurch SR 12

Christchurch SR 13

Christchurch SR 7

Taipei Photo Exhibition

August 17, 2009


Mike Davies was involved with submitting a selection of shots representing the secen in Auckland for this show in Taiwan. Franky was also involved with some shots. Hopefully we can see an online selection at some point.

I was driving to work this morning and I saw a dude riding a conversion, it had a brake, but by far the most unique modification was teh addition of a bar mounted beverage holder. He had a nice big steaming sipper mug of latte strapped to his bars. Probably wouldn’t hold up to speed checks down college hill or negotiating Ponsonby rd while caffeinating.

The Skids are Alright

August 14, 2009


I got asked for some photos and a blurb on Tires of Fire from the last Auckland event. It’s for the Red Bulletin a mag produced in the UK but with a global distribution of 2.1 million copies a month. They used this cool shot of Mike. A good little intro for the main event in Auckland in late October. I’m looking at a formal road closure this time and a flat road with no gradient. More details about that later.

Adam’s Wellington Ride

August 13, 2009


Sorry for not posting this sooner Adam. Hope there is good weather inWelly tonight and you guys have a great maiden ride. Wish we were there! make sure you send up some shots.