Tires of Fire Welly taken out by a Southlander!






Matt Grey took out Red Bull Tires of Fire in Wellington with a longest skid of 108m. It was dead flat right beside te papa and the beautiful weather brought out alot of Wellingtonian pedestrians which made for interesting added skill points for dodging and weaving amongsth them. Matt is form Christchurch and happened to be up in Welly.

















It was great to see familiar faces. But what was surprising was how many people came out riding fixed gear bikes that didn’t know each other. At the end Adam got on the mic and announced a weekly ride – so there was a cool feeling of a scene coming together.  Adrien ‘Adro’ took out 2nd place with 69m (and he is a exclusinvely a skater) and rad Matt the Moustache took  a consisitent 68m skid. Good times! (more shots soon).

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    […] turnout today. Thanks Ivan @ SteadyRollin/Redbull Special Ops Other photographers pics @ SteadyRollin, […]

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