New Bike Bag Packed and off to S.F.






I picked up the new sample for our bike travel bag yesterday. I wanted to make a bag that was as small as possible without having to take your fork off or drive side crank. So it’s 1m x 70cm and fits large frames easily. The bag is double layered nylon with plastic inserts between the layers that are removable for storage. The shoulder strap and steady handle on the side worked out well so you can walk with the bag on your shoulder easily- it’s also less than 4kg.

So I’m packed up and off to LA today for work meetings next week. I’ll see how the baggage handlers in LAX treat the prototyle bag. Then I get a sneaky couple of days in S.F. to ride around. Really looking forward to it!


2 Responses to “New Bike Bag Packed and off to S.F.”

  1. b3ans Says:

    Yo Ivan! Ken here. I’m actually doing a bit of travelling my self after this semester and taking my fixxxxxie. Are these bags going to be sold? The look quite nice. Not to hard/heavy like those hardshell ones, not too flimsy like those nylon ones.

    • steadyrollin Says:

      Yeah man, I’m stoked with it so far. Lasted up really well to travel.
      The cost on them is $300, I’m trying to pull it down to $300incl gst
      I’ll be doing a run first week Sept so totally keen to get you on the list of you want one.
      Riding in LA is great BTW

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