Hot Tamales!



SF has it’s own microclimate, the fog rolls in and certain parts of the city will be shrouded and others it’s sunny and 10 degrees warmer. I rode around following Mike through the city – it was the best way to learn how to negotiate the hills and get to different areas quickly. When I first got there I just did gradual laps working my way uptown and then down to the ocean through Golden Gate Park. Mike called me then and I went around to his place.



We hit a few bike stores and met the guys, alot of cool people and spots. I picked up Macaframa and a couple little things I needed. We headed on to a rad bar called Zeitgeist where you can take you bike in and stack it in the beer garden.



And then the Tamale Lady turned up so we had to stay band sample the wares:


We ran into a mutual friend who I hadn’t seen in years – Mickey Reyes, so he insisted Jager shots were essential. More bike-bar (yup really) hopping ensued.


Then we rode around to Rainier’s place and I met his flatmates Jason Maggied and Phil from Macaframa.


He’s rocking a Broakland frame – so is Jason – they have alot of work put into them.



Mike and I made a mandatory burrito stop and it was onwards to another bar.


Big thanks again to Mike for taking the time out. It was great to meet his wife and son too. Mike is working hard on his riding friendly clothing brand MARTIN and working on MASH A Steady ROllin crew trip to SF has got to be on the cards sometime next year.


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