Painted, Striped, & Gold Leafed


We’ll the finishing for this bike has been along time coming, between moving houses, buying houses, setting up the workshop and then finally doing the finishing bits of stainless welding and bar/stem building treatments… the winter months have ripped on by.
I made the frame from Columbus SLX and used a long point lug set. The paint job is a 3 tone: Blood red/ burgundy lugs/ cream headtube, I masked for the lugs, gold leafed it and did the gold pinstripe work – the shots don’t do justice to show up the lug colour so you’ll just have to wait till it goes into the studio for the good shots, or come on a ride to check it.
There are more shots of Deflux 1 here if you haven’t seen them already: Flickr

There are a few people I need to thank for help with sorting some of the parts – Mike Zombie sorted me out the Kashimax Five Gold NJS saddle and the Miche seat post (felt bad powdercoating a blue anno one!), Chris for the Stainless bits, and Deano at wideopen got me sorted with the steel Soma Drops and steel atomlab risers which I feverishly butchered into bar stem combos (risers not shown but colour matched to frame).



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