Fixed & Filthy


It was only a matter of time till we actually got around to it, it’s not hard to set up, and holy shit its fun as hell on fire! – I think we have a new Tuesday summer ride in CHCH.

On Thursday I came up with a really longwinded over complicated way of setting up my single speed MTB to ride fixed, it involved buying a new mtb wheel, firing up the welder and basically filling the hub with brass till it’s hub aint free nomore – I gave Chris a shout to get him in on the action, told him my AMAZING solution and he recommended I shelve it, flip the disc rotors off our wheels and ISO on a cog. No shit, that simple, it works sweet and the chainline is gold.

Now we have been for 3 rides fixed no brakes offroad in the woods and can’t wait to get on another track to see how goes in different conditions – downhill here we come! (camo shorts optional)

This is just a quick vid and some forest shots, nothing impressive but it shows the basic set up in action. I couldn’t be assed pulling the front disc rotor off, but the brake is gone and the rotor is on the wrong side anyway… just so you don’t call bullshit.

Fixed MTB
ISO cog fixed MTB setupFixed ISO MTB setup


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