Red Bull Tires of Fire


Picture 17

Mike Lawrence locked up.

Picture 9


Picture 11

Ken White


Picture 16

Jay Reeve MC and skidding afficionado


Picture 10

Picture 14

Max in poised form



Picture 13

Yeah Tabitha!

Picture 12

Ken’s over the front technique

Picture 15

There wasn’t much smoke but the rain couldn’t stop the skidding at Red Bull Tires of Fire on Beaumont Street yesterday. The road was slick and it took the riders alot of control to keep the bikes locked in a straight line while skidding. After the warm ups Ken White and Max Hampton were clearly battling each other for the longest distance with Conrad Smith close behind. Jenna Makgill was also there giving it a skid and so was Tabitha Langford who was showing a stong contender representing the girls camp with some decently long skids. Jeff Whiteford and Mike Lawrence were there representing Steady Rollin, but it was Ken who showed his superhuman skill with his body position right over the front of the bike. This got him in a spot of trouble when he hit a cats eye on the centre strip and went over the falls. he managed to avoid the dreaded scorpion and took the brunt of the fall on his shoulders despite being clipped in. We got it all in super slo-mo on an EX cam so you will be able to see it in the clip later this week. Ken glided into first place with a huge margin skid of 185m. Max was in second place with 148m, and Conrad placed third with 121m. Celebrity MC Jay Reeve swapped his microphone for his bike and took to the street and showed some fixed gear finess with a skid at least 60m long. Yeah Jay! A huge thanks to all who came and supported and rode! And good luck to Ken and Pepe who left for Tokyo this morning.



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