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Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2009

On behalf of the whole crew I’d like to swish you all Seasons Greetings and all the best for a Merry Christmas and a blazing New Year. I’ll be updating and posting as much as possible over the break, the tees are held up at the screenprinters – we got bumped out of the lineup by a big account, so they will be dropping in at TWhite’s Bikes on January 8th. Ride safe and be merry! If you are around Auckland – hopefully I’ll see you out riding.



December 24, 2009

I’m still at work but Jeff is on holiday from today. He went out for a roadie ride this morning and his knee feels good for standard riding but I think skidding is going to be a problem. He breezed past and said hi. Hopefully it settles down.

MASH Cinelli in Details Mag

December 24, 2009

Mike Martin sent me this shot – it’s in the ‘must have’ hot stuff to own and be cool with etc section. High brow – dope!

Bar Crawl

December 23, 2009

Marc Moore and Noah called an impromptu bar crawl last night, accompanied by Steve Dunstan, Justin and Toru. The distance travelled to beer consumed ratio was pretty ridiculous – definitely not a fitness ride. It was awesome. I peeled out but they kept on going – another 5 bars I think – troopers.

On a bad note – (and nothing to do with the bar crawl) –  Jeffrey tweaked his knee playing touch rugby. We are all crossing our fingers it’s going to be ok but he heard it pop in and out. All I have been focusing on is getting some time of over Christmas and New Year and riding with the crew – so this is devastating news. He has some movement in it so not all bad news but we are all hoping ligaments are intact. This is Jeff’s knee in healthier times:

Sunday in the City

December 21, 2009

Jeff went offroading again and tore the hell out of his Randy.

Marc Moore came out with us – as did Dan Gosling but I didn’t get any shots of Gozza rocking his new GT Gutterball. Was cool rolling with those guys.

Wonka Vision

December 18, 2009

Wonka throwing down on his new Kilroy frame from Gorilla and a cool story on the frame development and R&D. Hey I got my new Casio EX-FC100 Camera today, the thing shoots 1000 frames per second in video and is a true HD in a point and shoot. Results after the weekend riding.

New Tees

December 17, 2009

Sneak peek at what’s coming soon. Unfortunately we got bumped out of the line at the screen printers by a big client for pre Christmas so the tees will drop instore at Tim’s on Januray 8th. Gutted.

Check the merch section for details. Also landing: the new Skull Lite tee and hoody. More soon shoppers!

Last night

December 16, 2009

We had a cool spin last night – went up the Rose Garden hill up to the Domain where Mike and Jeffrey went Fixlocross crazy on some dirt tracks. It was the first time I’d seen Alex since he got back – cool to see you again Alex!

Mike was riding with bib protection for the fist time.

I rode the Gods Cogs triple flange goodness last night with the Dodici rim, it was like someone had put an invisible cantilever brake on the back.

Offroad! Mike took a tumble but made it out the bottom. Justin, Hagan and I stuck to the tarmac.

It looks like an orangutan stole my bike:


GODS COGS Triple Flange Hub and Dodici 405 Rim

December 15, 2009

Adam delivered me my new wheel. Adam has started Gods Cogs and is making super stiff triple flange hubs. They are in the development stages right now, Jeffrey and I bought some and are giving them a thrash. Adam is bro’s with the dapper gents from Dodici in Italy and he is lacing the hubs to their super stiff 405 rim. I love the way these look. Great finish, no braking surface but nicely curved sidewalls without ripples. Adam is combining the triple flange with a bolt on machined cog. I’m about to go out for a Tank Farm Tuesday ride on it for the first time so I’ll let you know how it runs.

Jon’s KHS

December 14, 2009

With a bit of TLC Mr Jon Forder’s KHS Aero Track has come together nicely.