We headed out for a ride yesterday – it was my first in a while and was great to get some sunny weather and see each other in daylight. We rode up to the Domain from the bottom of Parnell and Jeff hooked a left into some dirt paths that run alongside the road. Now there has been a bunch of nattering between a broad group of us about CYCLOCROSS. We have been blabbering away on the electric scibble devices for a while discussing/debating the discipline. Jeff is keen as so he belted off into the dirt paths with Justin and I following him. Jeff has created the new sport of FIXLOCROSS, I had to dismount a fair bit especially to avoid a dog and owner, Justin managed to straightline it down a dirt hill and almost ran of a ridge. Jeff was definitely at home slinging his bike on his shoulder and sprinting up 7000 stairs. I predict that at least 3 of the crew will have purpose built bikes this summer.

Jeff’s ofroad antics resulted in some woodland additions to his helmet:

I got some riser  bars from Yohei at WBASE, but I had to cut them down, a bit too wide for me.

It’s probably long overdue to revive Tank Farm Tuesday now that the weather is good. I think we might go for a spin after work tomorrow – 6ish at Vodafone if you feel like it!


One Response to “FIXLOCROSS”

  1. lurk2009 Says:

    ok, so Justin can take the piss and bag out Cyclocross all he wants, but truth be told, come winter he’ll be on the cyclocross wagon no doubt!


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