Pedals and Pirates


Pepe’s new front wheel.

Mike Davies has built this gangsta Cannondale – so slick and light.

Hale has been tricking up a storm and wrecking forks and cranks regularly. He’s resorted to modifying his Avanti track pro frame to fit these jump-bike forks by cutting down the head tube.

Cool to see David Tsai out riding, incidentally that boat you can see in the background belongs to Kerry Packer’s son. It’s made to look like a research vessel to discourage pirates. Apparently Tom and Nicole had their honeymoon on it- I counted 7 large speedboats stowed on board with big hiab marine cranes to swing them around.

A full time crew staffs it even when it’s grounded for months getting maintenance and work done on it. Rumour is has a pretty serious security (mercenary) team when seagoing and operational.

It’s Mike’s birthday on Monday and Jeff’s on Tuesday so if you see them throw them a high five.


2 Responses to “Pedals and Pirates”

  1. wfyoung Says:

    speaking of pedals, in the top photo in this post, can anyone tell me what kind of foot straps the guy at the front (sorry I don’t know your name, I’m from down in chch) is using ?
    and even the pedals he is running them on ?

    identification would be awesome!


    • steadyrollin Says:

      Yo! That’s Frank – the pedal straps are from brooklyn – not sure the exact barnd but I tried them and they worked really well – I was impressed. I’ll ask Frank and get back to you. he’s rocking some standard BMX pedals – I tink Macneil plastic ones.

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