Sunday chch roll


Righto chch further to a quick conversation on thursday between a few of us we are going to get out on Sunday for a ride. 12.30 at the Sqr.

Depending on the summeryness of the day could be nice to ride a headwind out to the pub in sumner… that’s just this mans opinion.

Also here are are few quick snaps of the SR 60 tooth on my alloy battleship I’ve been riding for a while – sorry the pink chain is the only one long enough to run 60/19. It rides really smooth probably as 1/2 the chain is on the rings all the time! Sure I could do a different ratio but with this much room to play with the design could expand and it was an out come of my 19 tooth being stuck on the aero spoke at one stage so asked Chris to do a mega cog for the hell of it…


3 Responses to “Sunday chch roll”

  1. cbartels Says:


    I really like the chainring. I do have a couple of questions, since it sounds like you made inhouse-ish?
    What kind of machine are you using for…cutting the chainring? Du you feed it CAD-files, and then push start?

    I want to make some chainrings for a gentlemans ride, and i m wondering how to get around it. Can you explain the process?


    • steadyrollin Says:

      HI there – hey Si – can you answer Christian’s question ?

    • dustkustoms Says:

      Hey Christian, sorry for the slow reply, alot going on atmo.
      The chain ring was made by our good friend Chris who works at a stainless company with a giant lazer cutter. I sent Chris a PDF I made in illustrator of what I wanted then he imported it into a CAD program and hit print.
      Let us know if you want chris’ contact details for your gentleman’s ride.

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