Deflux 3: almost done


I spent a good bit of the holidays, between drinks, family and friend catch ups, and rides, welding up Deflux 3.

Every bike I’m doing I am trying to do a few things I haven’t previously to learn and improve my skills. This was my first full fillet bike – it was a different approach on some levels to building a lugged frame, I felt like I spent less time using jigs and more time checking and triple checking my alignment after tacking.

I have to say I am pleased with how it’s come together, I really like doing the fillets large and making the whole thing transition smoothly between tubes, looking forward to sending it to paint after abit more cleanup sanding. I have tried a few things that I’ll just have to ride to see how well they work after being thrashed a little – the stay break for instance, is tight and takes a good bit of technique and effort to unlock for belt replacement but I will only really be able to see how it feels in the real world.

SO here is a rundown of how it shaped up…

As a quick narration to the shots:

1) The first shot is setting up the top tube to be brased in, the BB has already been tacked to the Seat tube and the Head tube has then been tacked to the downtube then those were both tacked to then get to this point – if your out of alignment at this stage then weld it all up and it comes out off then you might as well scrap it and start over. Not this time! worth all the checking for the sake of the columbus Zona OS tubing – you cant just grab more from the shops around here….

2) Columbus Max fork blades brased up to steerer and crown race – alot of clearance left to play with.

3) A box of goodies arrives from Chico just before xmas – perfect timing.

4) Chainstay ends mitred up and buddied up.

5) Quick cleanup of head fillets and checking progress against plans.

6) Trying to figure out how breaks work and where they go.

7) Dropout in and test fit of marking out the next step.

8 ) Bike building Buddie!

9) Chop Chop – out with the ends to add an extension detail, it was a hard cut to make.

10) Chainstay extension fit up and set to brase, just wanted to try something I’d thought about and decided to go for it on this build.

11) Carabina Seat Stay break for the belt. This was a lot of fiddling and careful heat control so I didn’t screw the gate system – not alot of room to play.

12) Main tubes in, sorting the way forward for the bridges and final details.

13) Alot of sandpaper and sore fingers go into getting the BB smooth – this is a start…

14) Chainstay bridge going totally through both chainstays.

15) final lettering some stainless and some not – a number of bits on the frame and fork.

Wellllll…….. A bit of a long post and theres a lot more images on the flickr site if you want to geekout. Just cleanup and sanding of some of the fillets and details then off to the finishers. I’m going to keep this one reasonably robust in finish. I still have a bit of a waiting game on the fixed belt drive cog – it is not in general production just yet.

Number 2 will be back from Geraldine real soon, then off to final finishing school and then build up… soon! Check out Prodesign Mag this month for a short write up on Deflux 1 and some other bike type ish.



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