Cool clip I saw over on MASH. It’s been a while since I had some time to write here. Summer is a busy period for work. Thanks for your merch orders, if you have placed an order with me in the last 5 days it’s either been posted or it is going out today. Also next week I’ll be doing a link up with the Spoke Mag website store where Caleb has graciously offered to sell the gear and ship out which will be great.

And it’s just in time for the arrival of the first SR v Huffer collab item. Today the Steady Rollin Huffer jeans roll off the line. The lads at Huffer are good friends of mine, and since skating with Steve Dunstan as a nipper we now ride track bikes and Huffer has grown into one of the most respected clothing brands in NZ.  So I’m really proud to launch a collab jean with them. I’m already working on a new cut and sew riding pant for this winter with them. Exciting stuff, I’ll post some shots as soon as I have them. AND – stay tuned for the announcement of ALLTRACK 2010.


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