Collisions and Reflections


Jeff came out of hospital with no breaks – hitting a car at 45kmph at 90 degrees flat into the door is some impact though, and it’s only because he’s so solid he’s walking right now. Justin took some shots:

Pretty gnarly haematoma on his thigh. The driver of the car was a visiting tourist in an unregistered car with no insurance who pleaded for the lads to leave the cops out of it. Sounds like he was pretty lucky to keep his jaw attached – if it wasn’t for the witnesses….I mean helping passers-by. The cops came with the ambulance anyway so he’s wither getting a ‘wreckless driving causing injury’ charge or failing to give way depending on how hurt Jeffy is…. lucky for buddy.

Motto is – fucking look before you turn your wheel  in a car.

This is the 3rd time Jeff has been hit hard on his road bike in the last 6 months, twice on the same road (Tamaki Drive). Each time he hasn’t even had time to hit his brakes. His bike is toast.

There has been a horrendous creature emerged through the media here debating the rights of cyclists vs drivers in Auckland. It all started when a girl in a car piled into a peloton of roadies one morning on the same road (Tamaki Drive – which has a cycle lane)- doing some serious damage to a few riders and alot of bikes. OK it was an accident – but a pack of riders wearing bright lycra and flashing lights is harder to miss than a fucking logging truck right? Well, regardless, what insued in local TV, print and radio media as a result was an onslaught of ignorance. Thousands of people rallied in major news blogs, called up talkback radio, and appeared on the TV with increasingly hatefully strong anti-cycling sentiments. Drivers got all fired up and there was a really strong opinion that roads were for cars and cyclists should not use them or ride in packs. It’s mellowed out a bit, but there is a basic attitude on the roads here that doesn’t give cyclists alot of confidence in their safety. Keep in mind this is helmet clad, brake weilding road bike riding cyclists. God help us brakeless street urchins!

Buses railing you into the curb, u-turning taxis, and kicked out car doors are all pretty standard, but a media fuelled general attitude in a population that cyclists shouldn’t have rights, is a dangerous thing indeed.


3 Responses to “Collisions and Reflections”

  1. fiendfromthedeep Says:

    yo surely you heard about this guy in chch
    it wasn’t just the media that got all fired up – for a couple of weeks everyone who usually had a bit of a grudge about bikes had a full on thirst for blood and the road was scary as.

  2. ashcancollection Says:

    That is fucked. Heal up soon.

    BTW – Were you over in Adelaide recently? For the TDU maybe? Can’t be too many roadies with white shoes and covered in tats!

    If you fellas ever fancy an ASHCAN tee, hit me up and I’ll do you mates rates!

  3. jeffroxxx Says:

    Na, I wasnt in Adelaide. But my good friend Tom lives there, runs his own local road team, and is sponsored by BMC, so he was around TDU. And yeah, he is covered head to toe as well! haha

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