Red Bull Mini Drome build so far


All the angles worked out and one end is close to finished. It’s getting close to time to trial it out before it’s dismantled ready to take it to the venue. I think we should session it on Monday after work for a couple of hours. This will let people get used to it so they can make bike mods ready for the main event and not have to worry about getting used to riding it on race night. So if you are keen to come and check it out come to 27 Hargreaves St, just up from the Red Bull office on Monday from 6pm.

This is my synopsis: Trick bikes will have an advantage. Low ratio BMX gearing, wider tires, riser bars, lower seat. Spin the shit out of this thing for more control.


2 Responses to “Red Bull Mini Drome build so far”

  1. ajfhfx Says:

    Sup , really keen to ride this dome, I arive from London with my bike on sat morning, is it cool if I just rock up on the day and regster?
    looks realy sick!


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