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More from the Drome

April 22, 2010

I’ve been down South in the mountains this week working on some shoots in Queenstown, so the posts have been limited. Wingsuiting filming down the Remarkables peaks with Chuck Berry, and filming whitewater kayaking down the Nevis Bluff with Ben Brown, amazing and intense stuff. I’m back for a few days then (if Thor’s hammer doesn’t open up another Icelandic Eruption) I’m off to Europe for a few weeks. I’ll be snapping pix as I go. I’ll be all over the UK and I’m pretty excited to be visiting Barcelona for the first time then driving South to Mojacar. If anyone knows of a bike store with good people in Barcelona I can visit; holler out. 

Graeme Murray was also shooting all the South Island shennanigans with me and I grabbed some fresh shots from him:

And before the finals came Shotgun Alley live onstage – LET THERE BE (glam) ROCK!

More shots from the finals soon. Also – we are working on a 12 minute documentary style edit that will be ready on Monday so stay tuned.


Tarck as Farck

April 22, 2010

This is Mike Davies and Hagan Hill. The master snappers responsible for the Tarck as Farck photo exhibition at Mini Drome. Incredible photos of the Auckland riders, great work!

Official Red Bull Mini Drome clip

April 20, 2010


April 15, 2010

Flemington Drains at Cranky Sundays

April 15, 2010

Mark sent me a clip he shot on his gopro on the Sunday ride. You can really see the banks well, I could just camp up there for a couple of days to session it, dope spot.

April 14, 2010

Cranky Sundays

April 13, 2010

This is Hans who works for Sneaker Freaker and heads up the Cranky Sundays ride. His Star Fucker build was pretty damn good, Mike took it for a spin and liked it. We rode with a great crew of guys and saw some rad parts of the city – including the fabled Melbourne freeway storm ditches.

We ran into Jono twice randomly on the street and he came along for a bit. Stoked to see him, he’s just moved to Melbourne to do some post grad work.

Then I dropped my chain, the link screw must have come undone and it splayed out and snapped on a skid. Justin hung back and kept me company, we had to train it back to the city to get a new chain. Improvised oil stain avoidance container:

Jeff and Mike kept on with the pack and repped hard by all accounts- more photos from the rest of the ride are on Jeffy’s phone so I’ll post them when I get ’em. Thanks to all in Melbourne for being great hosts. And I defintely was a little Cranky after dropping the chain.

Lots of bike lanes and cycle tracks

April 12, 2010

We are at Melbourne airport on a slow connection and I’m trying to catch up with uploading some shots. Back in AK tomorrow!


April 10, 2010

We have been here for the past 4 days taking in the city. Trams are interesting, traffic and “hook turns’ in the central city are pretty trecherous. Great city to ride in. On the first day I managed to strip the thread in my Thomson stem assembling my bike so we had to venture and grab a new one. Other tallys so far: crash x 1, I ploughed into the back of Justin as he made an unanticipated speed check to slow for a dinner spot, compromised HED x1 as a result and some swelly kneww and bruising on both of us – all good though. We met up with Alister and he showed us around the first day – we also met up with Jay Dougray, great to see those guys. We rode to the Knog shop on Chapel Street and met Shannon and Hans there – super nice guys. We are meeting up with them for a Sunday ride tomorrow at 12 in central square. Hopefully my toe is going to be up for it. It’s going to be great to ride with the Cranky Sundays crew:


April 6, 2010

The Steady Rollin crew are flying out early tomorrow morning to Melbourne for a riding trip. Jeff, Justin, Mike Lawrence and myself are heading for 5 days of exploring the Melbourne streets. It’s my birthday tomorrow so it’s been scheduled in for a while, as we are a little time poor.

ALLTRACK went so well. It was amzing to see so many people come together from different cities and countries to take part.  The idea was to get the scene and all kinds of cyclists together to just shoot the breeze about sharing a love for cycling. That was my main drive for Red Bull Mini Drome. Get the track guys in there in a venue with the street everyday riders, and the BMX kids and the roadies. Basically just to celebrate the fact that we all love riding bikes and share the same challenges and emotions no matter what the 2 wheeled machine looks like. And the thing worked and everyone tore the drome to pieces.

Mike Davies and Hagan Hill put together an amazing photo exhibition with Tarck as Farck on the night with shots of the the local crew. I’ll make a post of all the exhibition shots later in the week. So a huge thanks goes out again to everyone who took part and to the people who helped organise the events. It’s a really satisfying feeling when people come together for a like cause and make something special.

Skull Bike Club vs Skins B-ball

Footdown friendly rivalry

So from all four of us- thakns again and we will post some updates from Melbourne!

Big thanks to Graeme Murray for the shots and also Mike Davies @, also check Justin’s shots at