The Steady Rollin crew are flying out early tomorrow morning to Melbourne for a riding trip. Jeff, Justin, Mike Lawrence and myself are heading for 5 days of exploring the Melbourne streets. It’s my birthday tomorrow so it’s been scheduled in for a while, as we are a little time poor.

ALLTRACK went so well. It was amzing to see so many people come together from different cities and countries to take part.  The idea was to get the scene and all kinds of cyclists together to just shoot the breeze about sharing a love for cycling. That was my main drive for Red Bull Mini Drome. Get the track guys in there in a venue with the street everyday riders, and the BMX kids and the roadies. Basically just to celebrate the fact that we all love riding bikes and share the same challenges and emotions no matter what the 2 wheeled machine looks like. And the thing worked and everyone tore the drome to pieces.

Mike Davies and Hagan Hill put together an amazing photo exhibition with Tarck as Farck on the night with shots of the the local crew. I’ll make a post of all the exhibition shots later in the week. So a huge thanks goes out again to everyone who took part and to the people who helped organise the events. It’s a really satisfying feeling when people come together for a like cause and make something special.

Skull Bike Club vs Skins B-ball

Footdown friendly rivalry

So from all four of us- thakns again and we will post some updates from Melbourne!

Big thanks to Graeme Murray www.graememurray.com for the shots and also Mike Davies @ www.skullbikeclub.com, also check Justin’s shots at www.redbullspecialops.co.nz


2 Responses to “Highlights”

  1. badradmadsad Says:

    gotta give it up to you guys for putting this shit on! couldn’t think of a better way to spend my easter weekend and it wouldn’t have happen with out you. chur 2 the chur

  2. Fixed Gear Cape Town » Steadyrollin ALLTRACK Highlights Says:

    […] Auckland-based Steadyrollin crew posted a really cool writeup of the ALLTRACK event which went down last weekend. The highlight was definitely the Red Bull […]

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