We have been here for the past 4 days taking in the city. Trams are interesting, traffic and “hook turns’ in the central city are pretty trecherous. Great city to ride in. On the first day I managed to strip the thread in my Thomson stem assembling my bike so we had to venture and grab a new one. Other tallys so far: crash x 1, I ploughed into the back of Justin as he made an unanticipated speed check to slow for a dinner spot, compromised HED x1 as a result and some swelly kneww and bruising on both of us – all good though. We met up with Alister and he showed us around the first day – we also met up with Jay Dougray, great to see those guys. We rode to the Knog shop on Chapel Street and met Shannon and Hans there – super nice guys. We are meeting up with them for a Sunday ride tomorrow at 12 in central square. Hopefully my toe is going to be up for it. It’s going to be great to ride with the Cranky Sundays crew:


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