Cranky Sundays


This is Hans who works for Sneaker Freaker and heads up the Cranky Sundays ride. His Star Fucker build was pretty damn good, Mike took it for a spin and liked it. We rode with a great crew of guys and saw some rad parts of the city – including the fabled Melbourne freeway storm ditches.

We ran into Jono twice randomly on the street and he came along for a bit. Stoked to see him, he’s just moved to Melbourne to do some post grad work.

Then I dropped my chain, the link screw must have come undone and it splayed out and snapped on a skid. Justin hung back and kept me company, we had to train it back to the city to get a new chain. Improvised oil stain avoidance container:

Jeff and Mike kept on with the pack and repped hard by all accounts- more photos from the rest of the ride are on Jeffy’s phone so I’ll post them when I get ’em. Thanks to all in Melbourne for being great hosts. And I defintely was a little Cranky after dropping the chain.


2 Responses to “Cranky Sundays”

  1. hansdc Says:

    Hey guys!

    Great to have hung out with you in Melbourne!

    I just tried to email Justin, but its bounced back.

    Can someone hit me up –

    Wanna send you some mags etc…

  2. markeemark Says:

    Hey Guys was great ridin with you boys, bad luck about your chain Ivan!
    Helmet cam vid of the drains here

    (embed if you like)

    Cheers Mark

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