More from the Drome


I’ve been down South in the mountains this week working on some shoots in Queenstown, so the posts have been limited. Wingsuiting filming down the Remarkables peaks with Chuck Berry, and filming whitewater kayaking down the Nevis Bluff with Ben Brown, amazing and intense stuff. I’m back for a few days then (if Thor’s hammer doesn’t open up another Icelandic Eruption) I’m off to Europe for a few weeks. I’ll be snapping pix as I go. I’ll be all over the UK and I’m pretty excited to be visiting Barcelona for the first time then driving South to Mojacar. If anyone knows of a bike store with good people in Barcelona I can visit; holler out. 

Graeme Murray was also shooting all the South Island shennanigans with me and I grabbed some fresh shots from him:

And before the finals came Shotgun Alley live onstage – LET THERE BE (glam) ROCK!

More shots from the finals soon. Also – we are working on a 12 minute documentary style edit that will be ready on Monday so stay tuned.


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