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Mike’s Wheel goes Walkabout

May 31, 2010

After Mini Drome, Mike’s rear wheel went missing. We figured it got misplaced in the tidyup but it didn’t show. I only just found out that there has been a load of activity on Solejam about the whole scenario while I was away. Hayden from Welly emailed me today and let me know the score and I called Mike. Sounds like a can of worms has been opened.

So for the sake of diplomacy Marty Vidal, I reckon since you ‘mistakenly appropriated’ Mike’s wheel at Mini Drome, and since everyone knows it and you have been riding on it. You should probably get to a post office and send that puppy back up to Auckland with an apology.


Jay and Cooper in Melbourne

May 31, 2010

Jay Dougray sent me these from one of their big Sunday rides/races

Coops and Jay – exhaustified.

I hope all the Melbournians had an awesome time at Melburn Roobaix on the weekend! Jay said he’s going to send through some photos.


May 28, 2010

I’m super excited to be able to announce DVS and Cadence are working together on a global event series called Fast Forward. The series culminates in the final Fast Friday in SF. The project is in conjunction with releasing the new Cadence DVS shoe and a general lassooing together of the community. This is the first release of info and more will be coming in the following weeks. We will be holding the NZ Fast Friday contest on the 26th of June. I’ll let you now the format closer to the time. The prize for the winner is a trip to SF to compete in the final so it’s going to be a big deal.

ALLTRACK – Subrosa Trick Contest

May 28, 2010

Sean Wallace has edited this great clip for the ALLTRACK trick comp. Big ups to Mike Lawrence and Subrosa , and Justin Sweeney from  It’s cool looking back on this – it was a great day!

There are some amazing new frames and forks and 2 complete bikes coming out this season from Subrosa – keepin’ it steel = keepin’ it real – updates soon!


May 24, 2010

After 4.5 days of travel I’m back in Auckland. Jaded but happy to be home. Got bumped off 2 back to back flights from Spain and ended up having to drive from London to Liverpool to make the connecting flights; gnarly. Missed my bike, looking forward to getting some riding done. Although it looks like storms this week. off to the snow down South for a couple of days then hopefully it dries up this weekend and we can go push some pedals. I’ve been saving this shot for a rainy day like today, Mike shot by Graeme Murray. Sorry for the lack of posts while I was away!!

By the way, did you see this backflip?

ON and OFF

May 21, 2010

Well posts have been a little on and off at the mo as Ivan is away and I’m a shit blogger, So I’m a few beers in and giving you a rundown of last Saturday:

Last Saturday Chris and I figured we would try something alittle different for our usual weekend ride…
I have been riding the fixed cx build for a wee while but more just driving to a forest then testing the setup but last weekend we figured we’d do about 40km on road and 40km off road – ride to McLeans Island, spin around their tracks a few times then roll home. It was a really solid ride mixing it up like that and was a great kick off to the weekend.

7.45am – CHECK THE WEATHER and drink a coffee. (gratuitous ipad shot)
gratuitous ipad shot

8.30am – Ride to Chris’ then set course to the forest out in the boondocks of crimeschurch

9.30am SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST adjustments being made.

9.35am A FEW MORE TWEAKS: Decision confirmed a new coupler system is going in, the internal spring loading of the frame break has deteriorated alot faster than I hoped for the belt set up – if you don’t try, you don’t fail, if you don’t fail you’ll always wonder if….
deflux 3 checking

10.30am (ish?) ROAD RETURN
I had a good gear for the road – 53 x 17 but harsh for the offroad, just playing with what’s laying around and the best long term set up for the rest of winter before the belt setup arrives. Chris was ripping on the off with something like 48 x 16 but spinning out abit on the road – so somewhere inbetween these and we’re good. On the way back we both punched and had a real ‘tard session of fixing them the old way with glue as we ran out of tubes… note to self, more tubes.

12.30 (ish) POST RIDE CHOW After a beer my guts were eating me alive so I emptied the fridge between some bread and made a coffee before going out to the shed to get a welding tan.

1.30pm (about) FLAME ON: FRAME 4
I had cleaned up and carved out the lugs for the Deflux 4 the weekend prior and done most the mitring during the nights over the week when I got a chance, this is abit of pre flame stuff. By the end of Sat night I had the front triangle ready to weld in the top tube and the forks bent and cleaned. (the lines on the lug are a rough of what gets chopped off…)

8.40pm COOK AND EAT: Made some stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon and gave myself a pat on the back with a 750 Duvel for a successful day done.

All in all a good weekend, my legs were thrashed from the mixed ride, more than doing 100km on road because of the mixing up of on and off  – will be doing this every few weekends over the winter I think, then the long road rides every other so give us a shout if your in chch and want to go for a long roll (bring your biggish gears, 51 x 17/16)- usually in the mornings on either a Sat or a Sun and as it gets crappier I’ll be going rain or shine.

ALSO, we are still riding Thursdays and meeting at the Sqr at 6pm I’ll do a plan and post it here for the next few weeks so people know to expect a short pub to pub ride (like last night – 2 for 1s rule!) or a longer dark night ride to Sumner or TaiTapu (bring your lights for the country ride, it’s fuckin dark out there).

OH, and sorry, Copper bike is STILL at paint…. next week… I can only hope.


Bicing Barcelona

May 13, 2010

There is a huge amount of bicycle commuting here. One of the reasons for this is a public transport system called BICING. I was bamboozled at first trying to work out how the system works. Essentially it works like the similar successful bike rental systems in Paris and Stockholm and uses similar commuter friendly bikes. After beating the streets I was really keen to getting in on this wonderful system so we could rip around the city on the huge amount of cycle lanes but ALAS! No touristos! All of the instructions on the booths are in Spanish and Catalan only and the phone number listed only has recorded options in Spanish. I figured this must be designed for Catalans and residents only, maybe to minimise the amount of bikes ridden into the sea, trashed and misplaced by drunken tourists. So I Wiki’d it and found out it’s an annual subscription rental (super cheap) only for Nationals. The reason is that the local bike hire companies demanded protection for their businesses. Fair enough I guess, bummer for me though. But the system is really efficient – you pick up a bike from one of hundreds of parking racks after scanning your keyring chip on the booth. There are over 90,000 subscribers and millions of commuter miles travelled by bike per year in the city as a result.

I’ve seen so many people use these – you just drop it off locking 2 pins in the front into an empty docking slot after riding to your destination and the first 30 mins are free.

I’m determined to do more in the future to encourage the council in Auckland and get involved with the existing lobby groups to get cycle paths introduced on the side of Auckland roads. Preferably OFF the road itself. On our trip last month to Melbourne we rode along the Yarra bike path which winds for over 50km along the riverside and is fast and efficient and avoids cars and roads all together. London was pretty shit for bike commuting but alot better than Auckland because it has cycle lanes on most roads.

The reason I’m fired up about this is because I got word that Jeff got car doored YET AGAIN in Auckland yesterday. This time it was on K Rd. He’s OK but he’s been so lucky not to suffer a serious injury over the last year. Hopefully it won”t be decades until we see operational SAFE cycle tracks in NZ cities and sites like this in Auckland:

Greetings from Barcelona

May 12, 2010

Hola! Apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve been in the UK for the last couple of weeks. After using British Rail to try and outrun the effects of the ash cloud from Iceland we finally found an airport that would fly into Barcelona. We had a few days delay but got here. I’m not traveling with a bike this time. So I’ve been limited to observing the UK bike culture as a pedestrian. More updates from Spain soon.

PS- Simon’s Deflux 2 Copper masterpiece looks amazing  what an artisan -I can’t wait to see the shiny pro shots of that frame next week.

All that glittters is not gold

May 11, 2010

Well, I’ve been sitting on this for a f’n long time and am FINALLY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been an exercise in finding the right finishers to outsouce to and then working with them to make sure they understand the level of finish required then testing what works and finding what dose not… Deflux #2 is close to being completed to the standard I aimed for at the start – it has been ridden raw for a bit, soon it will be ridden in full coppered and painted glory. I remember talking with Ivan one cold day in Christchurch about coppering a bike to go with my chromed one at the time (RIP Frejus) that was a couple numbers back on the year dial – I haddent even started welding up frames at that point so we were talking pipe dreams over hot pies. Well that great old Pie shop is now a Kosher Kitchen, sorry Ivan I miss it too, and I am actually getting the finished copper bike back from the painters mid/late next week.
This is a few crappy snaps of the frame on the painters couch before they get busy – I’ll get this thing built up and give you all the eye candy shots you all deserve… anyone got a thomson 27.2 seat post in black they need to get rid of?