All that glittters is not gold


Well, I’ve been sitting on this for a f’n long time and am FINALLY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been an exercise in finding the right finishers to outsouce to and then working with them to make sure they understand the level of finish required then testing what works and finding what dose not… Deflux #2 is close to being completed to the standard I aimed for at the start – it has been ridden raw for a bit, soon it will be ridden in full coppered and painted glory. I remember talking with Ivan one cold day in Christchurch about coppering a bike to go with my chromed one at the time (RIP Frejus) that was a couple numbers back on the year dial – I haddent even started welding up frames at that point so we were talking pipe dreams over hot pies. Well that great old Pie shop is now a Kosher Kitchen, sorry Ivan I miss it too, and I am actually getting the finished copper bike back from the painters mid/late next week.
This is a few crappy snaps of the frame on the painters couch before they get busy – I’ll get this thing built up and give you all the eye candy shots you all deserve… anyone got a thomson 27.2 seat post in black they need to get rid of?


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