ON and OFF


Well posts have been a little on and off at the mo as Ivan is away and I’m a shit blogger, So I’m a few beers in and giving you a rundown of last Saturday:

Last Saturday Chris and I figured we would try something alittle different for our usual weekend ride…
I have been riding the fixed cx build for a wee while but more just driving to a forest then testing the setup but last weekend we figured we’d do about 40km on road and 40km off road – ride to McLeans Island, spin around their tracks a few times then roll home. It was a really solid ride mixing it up like that and was a great kick off to the weekend.

7.45am – CHECK THE WEATHER and drink a coffee. (gratuitous ipad shot)
gratuitous ipad shot

8.30am – Ride to Chris’ then set course to the forest out in the boondocks of crimeschurch

9.30am SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST adjustments being made.

9.35am A FEW MORE TWEAKS: Decision confirmed a new coupler system is going in, the internal spring loading of the frame break has deteriorated alot faster than I hoped for the belt set up – if you don’t try, you don’t fail, if you don’t fail you’ll always wonder if….
deflux 3 checking

10.30am (ish?) ROAD RETURN
I had a good gear for the road – 53 x 17 but harsh for the offroad, just playing with what’s laying around and the best long term set up for the rest of winter before the belt setup arrives. Chris was ripping on the off with something like 48 x 16 but spinning out abit on the road – so somewhere inbetween these and we’re good. On the way back we both punched and had a real ‘tard session of fixing them the old way with glue as we ran out of tubes… note to self, more tubes.

12.30 (ish) POST RIDE CHOW After a beer my guts were eating me alive so I emptied the fridge between some bread and made a coffee before going out to the shed to get a welding tan.

1.30pm (about) FLAME ON: FRAME 4
I had cleaned up and carved out the lugs for the Deflux 4 the weekend prior and done most the mitring during the nights over the week when I got a chance, this is abit of pre flame stuff. By the end of Sat night I had the front triangle ready to weld in the top tube and the forks bent and cleaned. (the lines on the lug are a rough of what gets chopped off…)

8.40pm COOK AND EAT: Made some stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon and gave myself a pat on the back with a 750 Duvel for a successful day done.

All in all a good weekend, my legs were thrashed from the mixed ride, more than doing 100km on road because of the mixing up of on and off  – will be doing this every few weekends over the winter I think, then the long road rides every other so give us a shout if your in chch and want to go for a long roll (bring your biggish gears, 51 x 17/16)- usually in the mornings on either a Sat or a Sun and as it gets crappier I’ll be going rain or shine.

ALSO, we are still riding Thursdays and meeting at the Sqr at 6pm I’ll do a plan and post it here for the next few weeks so people know to expect a short pub to pub ride (like last night – 2 for 1s rule!) or a longer dark night ride to Sumner or TaiTapu (bring your lights for the country ride, it’s fuckin dark out there).

OH, and sorry, Copper bike is STILL at paint…. next week… I can only hope.



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