Chain Gang Girls Cup Cakes!!!


If you are not familiar with the phenomenon that is Chain Gang Girls I suggest you click and see. Rushing into the scene like an expensively perfumed tornado it’s the best girls bike blog ever (bar one that is not appropriate to get into here).

And what’s radder is the fantastic femmes made 200 cupcakes for Tim Whites street party on Saturday and there were Steady Rollin cupcakes! Justin here was the lucky recipient of those as I was crook with the lurgy at home.

Throwin’ up signs for the CGG

Tim White – the Don, the man with the plan. More shots of the cupcakes here.

Teva Chonon – NZ’s favourite Tahitian

Sween Diggity pumping the beats and hitting the streets. Big thanks to Lester Perry of Quiet Chaos  fame for the shots.

Hey Baxter I got you a prezzy from the UK- it’s in my car I’ll either drop it at Tim’s or give it to you when I see you next.


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