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SR Ali-g-hater straps

July 29, 2010

Just got 2 sets of Gater double straps made up – PIMP. – Prototypes for some legit SR gear?… possibly, let your interest be known and we might work something out, Monogram and all.

These are locally hand cut, pressed, and custom dyed in Churchur, after much discussion Anton got a few sets sorted out a while ago I finally got around to sorting mine out. The green set will be put to good use on the latest DEFLUX build, the black set are on the copper ripper.

Forget about your toshis, these are made by a true old crimeschurch tripper!

Updates on the steady rollin’ pimp cup later gater.


Tim White keeping the spirit alive!

July 28, 2010

Miami Fast Forward- Keirin Cycles

July 27, 2010

Great work Thomas! Love the firecrackers!

Mini Drome- TV Edit

July 20, 2010

This is the 3 minute edit that is playing on the Red Bull Chronicles TV show on Sky. There is also a documentary style 10 minute edit I’ll grab soon.

Juliet Elliot in Dublin

July 19, 2010

July 15, 2010

Howdy. I’ve not been riding at all, I’ve been working in the snowy South again. But Jeff, Justin and Danger have been putting in some road miles. Hopefully I get some riding time in – I’m back for a couple of weeks now before I head back down¬†South.

just about there

July 12, 2010

Deflux 4 is close to send off to paint, Just a few little details to add and a solid few nights polishing every little nook on the stainless steel head tube. I finally stopped procrastinating over what I should do with the bridges on Deflux 4 late last night and just went ahead with a clean but fitting solution…¬† It is currently underwater soaking off so no shots to share til I clean it up. For the time being here are some details I snapped off the other weekend, since then Ive smoothed the fork crown alot and dry sanded most the frame. I’m real happy with it so far, the bi-lamiate lug treatment was a challenge, esp. with the Stainless HT, but should look great once fully painted and built.

Deflux 4 close to finish
Deflux 4 close to finish
Deflux 4 close to finish
Deflux 4 close to finish
Deflux 4 close to finish
Deflux 4 close to finish

Tool envy

July 7, 2010

Theres a place, up some stairs, past some watching bikes hanging on a wall, in a back room tucked away under a chair – It’s a pathway to a wooden box guarding some highly desired Italian jewellery.

These sets are part of the fabric of cycling history, I don’t know any other set of bicycle tools that is as wanted as it is hard to get hold of – naturally they ain’t cheap, and I only think I’ve seen one set available for sale in NZ in the last few years. I bet most of these are in similar places in peoples collections, gathering dust…

…Kinda like this other one, it was in the same place but on the top of a set of shelves with used tires on top it, I have never heard of a mini version of the Campy dream box but here it is:

Hope some of you nerd out on this, Simon.