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Keo for DVS

September 30, 2010

DVS Introduces Custom colorway for Fixed Freestyle Cyclist legend Keo Curry

DVS is proud to introduce the first signature colorway shoe designed specifically for fixed freestyle cycling. Produced in collaboration with fixed freestyle pioneer, Keo Curry, the KeoRock Milan CT-C Mid is built with added features and strength to support the needs of urban riders.

“The shoe is perfect for riding,” says Curry. “It provides great support and unmatched comfort no matter what pedal and strap or cage set up you use. And they look sick!”

DVS’ Brian Dunlap says Curry’s reputation as an innovator in cycling culture made him the perfect partner for this landmark project. “Keo is known as one of the true pioneers and innovators. He’s invented countless tricks and has played a major role in leading this emerging culture forward.”

MORE info on this and Fast Friday ….HERE


Patrick Seabase

September 30, 2010

You have probably seen this already but it’s freaking amazing and I like to watch this clip quite regularly at the moment.


September 29, 2010

MASH Vegas Drag Race

September 29, 2010

I guess you may have seen this but it it stoking me out so much watching and rewatching this, and coming out of winter finally. All of Mike Martin’s tweets and photo updates from Interbike in Vegas have been amazing. INSPIRED!

Jenna in SF

September 28, 2010

This is Jenna Makgill as photographed last year in Auckland by Mike Martin. Jenna is riding around SF getting accustomed to the place (and the 29 degree heat) before racing in Fast Friday this weekend—and don’t forget to check out the great photo updates of her trip on her blog HERE and in the links. Travel safe Jenna and stay away form those bacon donuts!

Deflux 2 (and quake demise of Deflux 1)

September 22, 2010

Here are those shots of Simon’s Deflux 2 Frame build that he was riding up here. The copper is starting to tarning and watermark slightly -it looks awesome. Unfortunately Deflux 1 fell off it’s wall mounts in the Deflux office during the earthquake and the bottom tube got crumpled:

TWhites Bikes GST Sale!

September 22, 2010

This weekend is the last day for the current GST rate of 12.5% in NZ, thankfully it’s also the start of daylight savings. Tim is having a GST sale at the store on Saturday so go and get your hands on a new ‘shiny’ with 12.5% discount off everthing.

For every purchase over $300 at Tim’s this Saturday we are going to kick in a free Steady Rollin tee.

Mike Lawrence is over at Interbike in Vegas, we are hoping for an update live from the madness soon. Stay tuned.

Simon up from Christchurch

September 21, 2010

Simon came up from quake stricken Christchurch to spend 7 hours under the tattoo gun today with Dean at Sacred. Last night Justin, Simon and I had a litte spin around town- he was riding his copper Deflux. It’s pretty stunning – I’ll post more shots of it tomorrow. A random lady driver hooked a ruthless U turn infront of Simon who managed amazingly to avoid collision. Some dude pulled infront of Justin and I an Quay St and I rubbed rims with Justin while slowing down. I’m done with winter – it’s daylight savings this weekend and not a moment too soon.


September 20, 2010

Jeffy finished building his cyclocross bike and took it for a spin on some MTB trails and in the Domain. We have had some crazy storms up here for the last 4 days, fallen trees and lightning and power cuts.

The earth woke me up

September 16, 2010

I only found my camera yesterday – I have been really wanting to get out in the day time and snap some quake shots but couldn’t find the bloody thing, turns out it was put in our new emergency “getthefuckoutahere” bag we have been keeping by the door… Lucky Dean was prepared the day after the earth moved and got out on his bike and snapped some meaty cracks out Brighton way.

There are some crazy scenes around this town: holes where buildings were, fences closing off my usual roads, bright orange cones everywhere, bricks scattered among broken glass, and the traffic is like Auckland.